Sunday, October 23

Evan's Pet/House-Sitting Service.


I´ve been house/cat/dog/bird/guinea pig/rabbit/turtle/chicken-sitting for 2 1/2 years. This has given me the freedom to explore some of North America's best wilderness-see my new movie at

I've lived in Boulder 33 years and have great references. I've been pet-sitting twice for environmental lawyer Melinda Kassen's family and dog-sitting at the super-comfortable Net Zero Energy home of Synergistic Building Technologies' Larry Kinney and Wyncia Clute. Awhile back I stayed with longtime Boulder friend and Olympic Marathon medalist Lorraine Moller and her builder husband Harlan Smith. I lived twice in the '80s with Boulder's reknowned yoga master Richard Freeman. Many remember me as Evan from Heaven the not-so-tight-rope artist. More at my new website

I always leave a place better than I entered it. I love animals and am good with plants too. I don't usually charge unless you have more than one dog or there's some difficulty like your place being far from town and you don't leave me a car. (I sold mine 22 years ago and bike everywhere.)

I´d also consider other situations like:

I could be someone's personal trainer in trade for a room. I've
practiced yoga daily for 30 years, taught in Guatemala, and recently
completed Richard Freeman's month-long Teacher Intensive I lead serious
backpacking trips in Mexico's difficult
Copper Canyon. I've been going barefoot when possible since 1965 and
have climbed the Arapahoe Peaks and 1st Flatiron that way, among others.

I could also trade childcare. I've been teaching my friends' kids
yoga and tightrope-walking. I worked at Homestar Preschool in Boulder 2004-5 and loved it. I'd be a good
"manny" especially for smart athletic kids. I know the hidden waterfalls & caves
around Boulder almost nobody else does. I tutored math while at Colorado

I could do elder or disabled care. I got a near-quadraplegic washed, dressed and fed every morning for a few of months back in the ´80s, until by force of
will he learned to do without me.

Do you have a shed or garage I could clean out? I'm good at organizing, selling and giving stuff away via Craigslist, etc. I did janitorial work for the Boulder International Hostel for a couple of years.

I've been earning my living for 3 years as a freelance editor
and am seeking more work. I've done a huge variety of things including computer programming, not-so-tight-rope artistry, photography, solar research, growing organic vegetables, tree trimming, wilderness guiding, moving and construction. More at

I'll consider all offers. Please resend this to other Boulder folks. My email is evan (at) and phone is 303-923-5918

Thanks and have a great day.


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