Monday, January 26

NOAA: Climate Change to last 40 (de)generations

The Ojibwe and other American Indians did their "deciding" considering seven generations to come.

Now says Boulder's NOAA: Climate change effects irreversible based on a study in the January 26 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Over 1000 years isn't really irreversible, but it is for us and everyone we'll ever know.

During his campaign my new Congressman Jared Polis quoted this 1997 poll showing 65% of Americans wanted to cut greenhouse gases no matter what other nations did. Yet, 12 years later, with Congress "deciding," greenhouse gases keep increasing. Jared has since declared that he will introduce a bill so that Americans can have a Plan B: National ballot initiatives!

White bear swims in water
Where's my ice, dude?

Friday, January 23

Pete Seeger endorses National Initiative for Democracy

Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen led "This Land is Your Land" at the Obama Inaugural Celebration Concert. It's the people's choice for national anthem, viewable below.

Last year I got Pete to endorse the National Initiative for Democracy, a project of former Senator Mike Gravel. Pete says "Participation, that's the salvation of the human race." YOU can participate at Here's the postcard Pete sent me:

And the video of "This Land is Your Land":

Friday, January 16

Sunset after the Boulder wildfire

A wildfire charred 3000 acres just North of Boulder Jan 7 & 8 after 70 MPH winds caused power lines to arc. A spectacular sunset ensued: