Friday, October 31

Ice "ECONOMY" melts down near Wall St.

"ECONOMY" carved in ice melted down Wednesday, the 79th Anniversary of Black Friday, 1929, an art installation by Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese in front of the NY State Supreme Court on Foley Square. "DEMOCRACY" melted down earlier:

Tuesday, October 28

Boulder Mall Crawl reincarnates on Facebook; reality to follow?

Some younger Boulder natives who missed out on our Halloween Mall Crawl, which was shut down by the City (as were many of us buskers, for awhile) have started a Facebook group
Bring back the Boulder Mall Crawl!

My photos helped inspire them.

Who knows, maybe we can go back in time and fix everything that went wrong in Boulder so that there's no Mall Crawl and very little entertainment compared to when we were the biggest free entertainment attraction in the Rockies and Midwest.

We had International Juggling Assoc. repeat champs Airjazz, future Cirque du Soleil Ringmaster David Shiner, Magical Mystical Michael, Eddie Goldsteini, Kenny Lightfoot and Gogol, Narc Gnarley, Flip Phillip, Johnnie Fox, Dexter Trip, Joey, the World's Largest Midget and so many more... See some here. I was Evan from Heaven, the not-so-tight-rope artist.

Halloween, when the Veil between the Worlds is thinnest...

Monday, October 27

Fall photos with "the best compact digital camera"

The Panasonic LX3 is a compact camera with a superior, very wide-angle Leica lens, and a bigger sensor than most compacts, producing less noise in dim light.

This wild rose looks embarrassed. 3 rose hips already and pregnant again??

On Boulder Creek:





New video: E. Howard Hunt details JFK murder

Last week this video emerged of Nixon "plumber" and CIA man E. Howard Hunt giving new detail complementing the audio of his 2005 confession to his son, which was covered by Rolling Stone, etc., in April, 2007 after Hunt's 1/23/07 death. Hunt says LBJ, Kennedy's VP, targeted JFK as an "obstacle" to his own ambition to be President.

Hunt says "I think that LBJ settled on [CIA man Cord] Meyer as an opportunist like himself and a man who had very little left to him in life ever since JFK had taken Cord's wife as one of his mistresses."

Of course Hunt was a professional liar. We may never know the truth about the assassination because the government has had control of the main evidence (the Zapruder film and autopsy photos) since 1963. This is very different from 9/11 which is fairly well documented in spite of the government never releasing the planes' black box recordings, surveillance videos of the attacks, etc.

See the whole series of Hunt videos & articles.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -George Santayana

"Without censorship, things can get terribly confused in the public mind." -Gen. William Westmorland

Friday, October 24

Obama Dance Crew vs. Grand Old Posse!

Beats a staged duopoly debate anytime!

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off - Watch more free videos

Tuesday, October 21

1958 TV show on Global Warming!

This 1958 episode of NBC's Bell Telephone Hour, "The Unchained Goddess" clearly explains Global Warming and its dangers. But for 50 years the oil and gas and coal and car industries have bought the ads and politicians to pat us on the head and turn us into addicts. Perhaps the government should nationalize these industries and use their profits to transition us to renewable energy and less frenzied consumption. But that would take Government BY the People because buying Congress is the world's best investment, paying off at 1000 to 1! (See 3rd paragraph)

Monday, October 20

Follow your bailout money to AIG's parties & junkets

New York: First there was the $440,000 that American Insurance Group Inc. spent entertaining executives days after receiving an $85 billion lifeline from the Federal Reserve. Now it's $86,000 for a hunting trip in England after the faltering company reaped another $37.8 billion in taxpayer-funded loans.

News of the hunting trip emerged Wednesday as NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo ordered AIG to do away with golden parachutes for executives, golf outings and parties while taking government money to stay afloat.

Cuomo said he has the power under state business law to review and possibly rescind any inappropriate AIG spending. More here

Now we know what "Party like it's 1999" really means. 1999 is when the Glass-Steagel Act was repealed, which had kept banks from investing our money in "paper" like subprime mortgages

Tuesday, October 14

"Shadow Factory" exposes NSA spying on YOU!

On DemocracyNow! this morning James Bamford, whose book The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America came out today, exposes how the National Security Agency, far larger and more secretive than the CIA, has been used since 9/11 to monitor your internet and phone use without a warrant.

The book and his forthcoming Jan 13 PBS Nova documentary show that the 9/11 Commission never looked into how the CIA kept 2 FBI agents from notifying their headquarters about 2 of Bin Laden's men heading for the U.S. in 1999. They became 9/11 hijackers, and did their final planning across the street from NSA headquarters, which was monitoring their conversations but never told anyone they were in the U.S. The FBI men have been denied permission to appear in the documentary.

“With a flair and clarity that rivals those of the best spy novelists, Bamford has created a masterpiece of investigative reporting.” —Publishers Weekly. It's rising on's bestseller list, at #32 on 12/15. More secret government against the people. The remedy? Government by the People!

Photos with new Panasonic LX3

People are saying that the Panasonic Lumix LX3 is the best compact digital. It has a Leica 24-60mm (equiv.) F 2.0 Summicron lens. The lens is better, wider angle and gathers more light than the competition. The camera operates faster. It only weighs 9 oz.

It's a great complement to my Panasonic FZ18, the best superzoom (28-504mm equiv.) until the updated FZ28, both great outdoors cameras.

From Top: Sumac, Maple and a Hawk Wing mushroom, the best-tasting in Colorado. This one's past its prime, but prettier. Hawk-eyed photogs will see from the mottled background that I need to remove noise and get up to speed with post processing.

From Back to the Garden

Monday, October 13

World Democracy Forum in Switzerland, where people rule

There's very interesting series of articles on "direct" democracy here from journalist Joe Matthews, author of The People's Machine: Arnold Schwarzenegger And the Rise of Blockbuster Democracy. Joe is generally critical of direct democracy, but he seemed impressed by how it works in Switzerland, where they've had national ballot initiatives since 1891, and where the problems seem to have been ironed out. You can see my comments on most of his stories.

The U.S. desperately needs the people to "check and balance" a Congress which so dramatically misrepresents us, from NAFTA to the bailout, with perpetual war and debt, domestic spying, torture and so much more between. I've devoted over 7000 hours over the last 20 years so that we will have a vote on this stuff, hopefully soon. I've been promoting former Sen. Mike Gravel's National Initiative project since 2000, which you can now vote to ratify at, much as citizens, not the 13 legislatures, ratified the Constitution at the conventions.

Saturday, October 11

Britain's Long Johns satirize mortgage mess & predict bailout -in 2007!

John Bird and John Fortune (the Long Johns) in this 2007 performance deconstruct high finance and explain how "dodgy debts" become Structured Investment Vehicles on the road to ruin and bailout. I can't top them, so just watch!

Friday, October 10

Congress told: bailout or martial law!

It wasn't just the $150 billion in pork "sweeteners" added to the $700B bailout that got Congress to vote for the "biggest theft in history," it was threats. Rep. Brad Sherman (D, CA) spoke about it on the House floor:

Friday, October 3

Jesus, bail us out !

In the mysterious East, they say the teacher appears when the student is ready. It seems the world is suddenly ready for Jesus or the Aliens to appear and save us!

It seemed portentous when the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 777* points Tuesday. That's supposed to be Christ's lucky number; the Antichrist's is 666. So maybe the silver lining of predatory capitalism's decline won't be economic silver but spiritual gold. *OK, it was 777.68 points. But that rounds to 777.7!

Stay tuned. Om Gom Ganapataye Namaha. (Hindu Ganesh mantra to remove obstacles.)

What do I think of the bailout? About what Will Rogers told a bankers convention in 1924. Listen Thanks to, formerly the "World's Greatest Neurozine"

<- I was honored to play Jesus during Holy Week, 1986 in Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico