Thursday, December 31

"My" Sen. Mark Udall: environmmentalist or puppet?

Udall with Barbra Streisand

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall was elected as an environmentalist Congressman from Boulder in 1998. When told his race for Senator was close in 2008, he caved to big oil:

Denver Post, 8/14/08
"Udall calling for more domestic drilling and reversing his long-standing opposition to drilling off America's shores."

He must have made enough "friends" who showed him a good enough time that although he's safely a Senator until 2014, he's sold out completely:

Denver Post, 10/31/09
"Udall widens push for nuclear plants"
Grist, 11/12/09
"They [14 Democratic Senators including Udall] call for the free allocation of pollution permits to electric utilities to be distributed 'fully based on emissions'"
Summit Daily 8/11/11
"Udall calls fracking ‘safe technology'"

The world's foremost energy expert, Colorado's own Amory Lovins, founder of Rocky Mountain Institute, says all 4 are inferior to renewables.

Udall was born on 3rd base to a prominent political family that made their reputation as environmentalists. Why is he hitting a home run for oil, coal gas and nukes??

Mark Udall is also profoundly dishonest. Read in my "Tale of 4 Udalls" how he repeatedly lies about a project I've worked 20 years on, which both his own brothers have endorsed!

Remember who Mark Udall really is when he runs for re-election in 2014. He suckered me for my vote in 1998. Never again.

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Viv said...

Perhaps you have already read the book "Toxic Sludge is Good for You." It highlights all of corporate and political corruption through PR spin in America. It's depressing but it's reality... =(