Tuesday, October 28

Boulder Mall Crawl reincarnates on Facebook; reality to follow?

Some younger Boulder natives who missed out on our Halloween Mall Crawl, which was shut down by the City (as were many of us buskers, for awhile) have started a Facebook group
Bring back the Boulder Mall Crawl!

My photos helped inspire them.

Who knows, maybe we can go back in time and fix everything that went wrong in Boulder so that there's no Mall Crawl and very little entertainment compared to when we were the biggest free entertainment attraction in the Rockies and Midwest.

We had International Juggling Assoc. repeat champs Airjazz, future Cirque du Soleil Ringmaster David Shiner, Magical Mystical Michael, Eddie Goldsteini, Kenny Lightfoot and Gogol, Narc Gnarley, Flip Phillip, Johnnie Fox, Dexter Trip, Joey, the World's Largest Midget and so many more... See some here. I was Evan from Heaven, the not-so-tight-rope artist.

Halloween, when the Veil between the Worlds is thinnest...

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Anonymous said...

The mall crawl was awesome! The problems arose when people like all those douchebags in the lower left corner showed up- drunks without costumes who were just looking for trouble.