Tuesday, October 14

Photos with new Panasonic LX3

People are saying that the Panasonic Lumix LX3 is the best compact digital. It has a Leica 24-60mm (equiv.) F 2.0 Summicron lens. The lens is better, wider angle and gathers more light than the competition. The camera operates faster. It only weighs 9 oz.

It's a great complement to my Panasonic FZ18, the best superzoom (28-504mm equiv.) until the updated FZ28, both great outdoors cameras.

From Top: Sumac, Maple and a Hawk Wing mushroom, the best-tasting in Colorado. This one's past its prime, but prettier. Hawk-eyed photogs will see from the mottled background that I need to remove noise and get up to speed with post processing.

From Back to the Garden


JM said...

amazing shots, man! would you be so kind as to share your knowledge of widening fields? i'm hoping to add some 500 pixel images...

Evan Ravitz said...

Thanks, Jim. When you add a photo to your blog, select "large" (which is only 400 pixels wide). Then click "edit html" and find the part that says "width: 400px" and change it to 500.

To make it 800 wide, as I have, you must have widened your blog template already.