Friday, October 3

Jesus, bail us out !

In the mysterious East, they say the teacher appears when the student is ready. It seems the world is suddenly ready for Jesus or the Aliens to appear and save us!

It seemed portentous when the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 777* points Tuesday. That's supposed to be Christ's lucky number; the Antichrist's is 666. So maybe the silver lining of predatory capitalism's decline won't be economic silver but spiritual gold. *OK, it was 777.68 points. But that rounds to 777.7!

Stay tuned. Om Gom Ganapataye Namaha. (Hindu Ganesh mantra to remove obstacles.)

What do I think of the bailout? About what Will Rogers told a bankers convention in 1924. Listen Thanks to, formerly the "World's Greatest Neurozine"

<- I was honored to play Jesus during Holy Week, 1986 in Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico

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